Dramier League: Price of Dramming

In Series 5 of This Is My Dram, we are looking at budget whiskies to see how much bang you can get for your buck without ending up completely bucked, financially speaking. As the team (er...team?) behind ever-popular The Science Bit are taking a breather for this series, we put our white-coated boffins to work at their desks with some (not particularly scientific) datasets.

We have scored each whisky on the podcast for our Dramier League Table (ludicrous and quite incorrect formula below) and we wanted to see how this matched up to the price of a bottle of each dram, taken from the list price on Master of Malt on 17th April 2018 to be precise.

The Dramier League Formula

a(n+p+f) + s(n+p+f) = dl

What did we find? Really bad whiskies tend to not cost very much, definitely more than they should. Really good whiskies also tend to cost quite a lot, usually a bit more than they should. The good news is a particularly crowded midfield of quality drams at around £50-£70 mark, which means even if the budget drams we review this series aren't quite to your taste, if you can find an extra £20 down the back of the sofa you're all set.