GUEST BLOG: A Whiskey that gives you Flaming Lips!

Guest blog by Aiden Bertie (Thanks Aiden!)

So here I am, sitting writing my first ever blog, listening to the band “The Flaming Lips”, and drinking a limited release of FEW rye whiskey as I do. It’s no coincidence that I’m listening to this particular band while I drink this though, as this whiskey is a collaboration between FEW Spirits of Evanston, Illinois; and the rock band The Flaming Lips!

Flaming Lips 1.jpg

FEW Spirits, craft distillers of American whiskey and gin, are the first distillery in Evanston since Prohibition and use ingredients from within 150 miles of their distillery to create this whiskey. Rumour has it that they’re named after Francis Elizabeth Willard, a local woman and part of the temperance movement that ultimately led to Prohibition in America, but they stick to the story that they chose the name FEW as they produce spirits for the few. We believe you… This rye whiskey is bottled at 40% which is lower than their other ryes and comes in a bottle with the most amazing artwork, only 5000 have been produced.

Ok, time to ‘fess up’. Before getting hold of this whiskey, I had only briefly heard of the Flaming Lips due to the This is my Dram podcast, apparently they’ve been around since the 1980’s! Shame on me. Why have I never listened before? I’m asking myself that right now while I nod my head and tap my foot to the tune “Brainville”. Which leads me nicely onto the point of this blog, FEW Flaming Lips Brainville Rye!

Flaming Lips 3.jpg

The nose is dominated by a particularly spicy, youthful and grainy aroma, one I think is really unique to FEW bourbon and ryes whiskies. There are some slight orange and toffee notes the more I poke my nose in the glass, maybe a little maple syrup too.

On the palate that same rye spice dominates and there’s a sweetness there but it doesn’t push its way through the spice, it just sits there being sweet and pleasant. There’s mint, not like a mint sweet, but more like a sprig of fresh mint leaves, leaving a herbal note as it disappears.

There’s not much of a finish to speak of, just a little bitterness from the oak lingering on the tongue as the flavours fade.

Overall, it’s a really enjoyable whiskey and one that’s a little different to the other whiskies in my cupboard, a very easy drinker for me.

Back to music, this is a music and whisk(e)y website after all! I was asked to choose an accompanying music video for this blog. After much deliberation, and because I couldn’t easily find a video for Brainville which would have been ideal (it’s a great track, check it out), I have chosen She Don’t Use Jelly. On first listening to this track I was instantly transported back to the 90’s, a time when I was discovering music. It just had that 90’s sound for me and I’ve since listened to it several times! It’s one of a few (pardon the pun) songs that I’m really enjoying lately. Now you can enjoy it too:

A huge thank you to the guys at This Is My Dram for inviting me to write a guest blog for their website, it’s a little different to the reviews I’ve done for our mutual friends down the road in Nottingham, the Bourbon Gents but hopefully you’ve enjoyed it all the same. Also, thanks to Maverick Drinks who ran the Instagram competition that led to me winning this bottle!

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already, go and listen to The Flaming Lips. Find me at the following:

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