dramier league table

Designed by Danielle Stone

Designed by Danielle Stone

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  1. The first rule of Dramier League club is...oh, never mind.

  2. The drams are scored out of 10 for nose, palate and finish, giving a total possible score of 60. We have yet to locate the Perfect Dram. But hey, even the Arsenal 2003-04 team had to settle for a few 0-0 draws.

  3. It is not intended as a serious buyers guide or tasting directory. If you've splashed out £80 on a something you think tastes like toilet cleaner, take it up with Jim Murray.

  4. Anything above a 5/10 score means 'good', in our book.

  5. We do not put a dram in the Relegation Zone lightly, it gets pretty damn scary down there!

  6. The Dramier League Table is a handy visual summary of our whisky mission but you won't get the story straight without listening to podcasts. Subscribe, listen and review on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.