S7E3 - That Boutique-y Whisky Co Blended Whisky (Japanese & Scotch Blend)

On this Episode, Stu and Andy try the intriguing blended whisky from That Boutique-y Whisky Co, which is a 21 year old Blend of Japanese & Scotch Whiskies. Given the lack of information available on which distilleries the whiskies come from, can they use a bit of detective work to figure out where the component parts come from (spoiler alert: No)

To accompany the whisky, the lads play some songs that have a mix of genres, to complement the mix of whisky genres in the dram itself. This leads to an eclectic playlist of tracks of all styles!

The episode also has the usual features of the Dramier League table and the science bit, and the Listener bit guest is the enigma that is @derekcuster on twitter (listen on to find out if that's his real name!). Enjoy!

S5E3 - Johnnie Walker Black Label

In this episode, we tackle the goliath brand of the Whisky industry - Johnnie Walker! We taste the Black Label 12 year old blended whisky (fitting within our budget range of £20-£40) and play some UK No 1 hits to accompany this No1 best selling whisky brand - finding No 1 songs that didn't harm our "impeccable" (...ahem) reputation was somewhat challenging, but we certainly embraced it!

S5E2 - Monkey Shoulder

In the second episode of our budget whisky series, we review the well known blended malt Monkey Shoulder, and create a playlist of songs about Monkeys to go with it! Feel free to add your favourite monkey songs to our collaborative playlist on Spotify.

Please add your favourite monkey related songs to this playlist (or tweet us if you don't have spotify and we'll add it for you!):

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